Shotgun Express Debut “From The Gutter” Music Video

Shotgun Express Debut “From The Gutter” Music Video

March 30, 2012

German rockers Shotgun Express have released a music video for the song “From The Gutter”, taken from the band’s upcoming album ‘Gypsy Blues’ which will be released on April 5th through Sound Guerilla Records/DA Music.

Founded in January 2009 by former Nasty Riot vocalist Diamond Flow, guitarists Johnny Cobra and Scott Damn, bassist Robin Robben and drummer Matt Lush, Shotgun Express offer an explosive mixture of hard, sleaze and punk rock. They’ll take you to a trip of no return from groovy riffs via blues-driven hard rock and dirty fast tunes through to heartbreaking ballads. By knowing how it is to be an outlaw, a social misfit or not fitting into the mainstream, their lyrics are all about tackling their Demons.

Shotgun Express delivers a highoctane live show (proved at shows with Rhino Bucket, CJ Ramone, Psychopunch and many more) featuring smashing drums, a pumping bass, screaming Marshall amps and a hyperactive screamer, while dressed up in tight Leather, knee-hole jeans plus a parfume somewhere between sweat and the smell of booze.

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