Shotgun Express Release New Video While Continuing Vocalist Search

Shotgun Express Release New Video While Continuing Vocalist Search

January 6, 2015

Shotgun Express have released a music video for the ballad “Angel Without Wings”, despite being without a vocalist since April of 2014.

The German rockers released their debut album ‘Gypsy Blues’ in early 2012, with Sleaze Roxx saying the album was, “a very energetic and enjoyable sleaze rock romp, as the group’s hunger consistently oozes of out the songs. I’ll even give Shotgun Express bonus points for the album’s excellent guitar tone, the incredible artwork, the additional tattoos that Diamond Flow has accumulated since his Nasty Riot days, and having a band member ridiculously named Robin Robben… how can you not love THAT??”

Unfortunately singer Diamond Flow left the band two years after the release of ‘Gypsy Blues’, and the remaining band members have been searching for his replacement ever since.

“I really don’t know, maybe all the good ones are already in bands or live too far away,” guitarist Johnny Cobra tells Sleaze Roxx regarding the lengthy search for a new frontman. “It’s been frustrating at times because we have some pretty good stuff ready to record for the new album. I guess we have to dig a bit deeper to find the diamonds! I’m pretty sure the right guy is somewhere out there.”

Cobra jokingly says the band have enough new material written for ten albums, they just need to find the right singer. Interested frontmen are asked to contact Shotgun Express at

“It’s difficult to compare the new stuff to older songs,” concludes Cobra. “We still have the big riffs and the punk attitude, but the songwriting and the band just got better. All I can say is its still 100% Shotgun Express!”

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