Shotgun featuring two Shotgun Messiah members have date for live album release

Shotgun featuring two Shotgun Messiah members have date for live album release

Shotgun Messiah photoShotgun featuring Shotgun Messiah members Zinny J. Zan (vocals) and Stixx (drums) will be releasing a live album entitled Live – Down Decadendia Drive on May 7, 2016 via Livewire/Cargo Records.

Rock ‘N’ Growl Promotion’s press release states (with slight edits):

“Swedish hard rockers Shotgun will release their new live album Live – Down Decadencia Drive on May 7 through Livewire/Cargo Records. A rocking new half breed of the original Shotgun Messiah is now releasing an in your face live album with all the songs from Shotgun Messiah’s highly acclaimed first album.

The result of this collaboration is a damn good live album that captures the nerve, the riffs, the attitude – and that straight-in-your-face-style that once was the trademark of Shotgun Messiah.

Shotgun photo 5Live – Down Decadencia Drive Track Listing:
01. Squeezin Teazin
02. I’m Your Love
03. Bop City
04. Nowhere Fast
05. Dirt Talk
06. Nervous
07. Shout It Out
08. Don’t Care Bout Nothin’

The album was mixed by Chris Laney at LaneyLand and mastered by Classe Persson at CRP Recordings…

Shotgun Messiah was the pioneer of the glam and sleaze era back in the ’80s and one of the first acts to come out of Sweden to relocate to the U.S. and actually hit the charts and make a name for themselves. With extensive tours, press, radio and TV covering the entire U.S. under the belt for some years, Shotgun Messiah was worn out in 1993 and decided to call it quits.

Later in the ’90s, you could find the former members in bands like Marilyn Manson, Tom Waits and Zan Clan.

Shotgun photoOver the years, some of the members in former Shotgun Messiah has been made aware by their fans that they never got to play their songs live for their supporters in Europe, Latin America or Asia.

Now 25 years after the release of their first album, two of the band’s biggest supporters contacted singer Zinny J. Zan and drummer Stixx in order for them to consider a reunion and actually get the opportunity to play these songs for one last tour. An opportunity for the supporters that once missed out to hear the songs live – but also for it to be captured and released as a live album.

THE CATCH, YOU SAY? These two hardcore supporters wanted to see the original line-up reform. Since that was a definite no-go they gladly volunteered to fill the two missing slots. The two fanboys happened to be none other than…” …Danger Danger guitarist Rob Marcello and well known producer Chris Laney (on bass)!