Shy Vocalist Ready To Release Skyscraper’s Debut Album

Shy Vocalist Ready To Release Skyscraper’s Debut Album

August 4, 2014

Melodic rockers Skyscraper will release their long awaited debut album ‘Elevation’ on September 8th in the UK/Europe via Ghost Dancer Music.

Skyscraper features current Shy vocalist Lee Small, who appeared on the band’s 2011 self-titled release, guitarist Tor Talle, best known for his work with Joe Lynn Turner, Fergie Frederiksen, and Rob Moratti, and Dave Boyce, former bassist for Airrace and The Quireboys.

This dynamic band has been taking critics by storm with their inimitable brand of melodic hard rock. Skyscraper’s powerful and heavy demeanour is a fresh take on a breed of music that’s been the foundations of rock ‘n’ roll for many years. In some quarters Skyscraper has been compared to Hughes/Thrall and Bad English, which sees the band in esteemed company as they release this captivating debut album.

“We loved making the album and we can’t wait to get Skyscraper out into the live arena and see what the fans think,” says Boyce. “We know it’s going to be one hell of a party once we hit the road.”

“It’s been a great journey so far and we’ve had some amazing reaction from industry people which means a lot,” continues Small.

“We also have to thank producer Martin Kronlund for helping us put the album together and introducing us to Swedish session drummer Imre Daun, who will be joining us live,” concludes Talle. “He brought great energy and style to the album.”

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