Sideburn Plan To ‘Electrify’ In October

Sideburn Plan To ‘Electrify’ In October

September 3, 2013

The Swiss rockers known as Sideburn will return on October 25th (November 1st in North America) with their upcoming studio album ‘Electrify’.

With the arrival of three young and talented new members in January 2012 — Lawrence Lina and Mike Riffart on guitar and the imported Aussie bass player Nick Thornton, who left his luggage in the country while he was touring with the band Maeder (Nick Maeder’s previous band) — and the first shows played in February of the same year, Sideburn have gained energy and freshness to compose the new album ‘Electrify’.

The band, which also includes frontman Roland Pierrehumbert and drummer Lionel Blanc, says, “This new album has been composed in about two months, which is really quick, but the result is really fresh and punchy. The new members did an amazing job to keep the Sideburn spirit and you will certainly notice it while you listen to ‘Electrify’. For the mix, we’ve decided to work again with Beau Hill, cause he knows exactly what we are looking for and we couldn’t take the risk to have an album that didn’t sound as good as ‘Jail’. Once you have that certain level of production, it’s really hard to pull backward…”

The CD version of ‘Electrify’ includes the bonus tracks “Lazy Daisy (live)”, “Never Kill The Chicken (live)” and “Rockstar”. The download version of the album only features the 11 original songs while the vinyl version will be only available in Switzerland and includes “Lazy Daisy (live)” as a bonus track.

Sideburn was recently chosen by Adidas to be the ‘band of the evening’ during the Adidas Rockstar event that took place on August 11th, 2012, at the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, Germany.Sideburn performed during the entire final, playing over 150 minutes of rock’n’roll, and they even wrote and recorded a special theme song with climbing lyrics. The song “Rockstar” was mixed by Beau Hill and is featured as a bonus track on the CD version of ‘Electrify’.

After having their song “Knockin’ At The Wrong Door” used on the Red Band trailer of the movie ‘Hit & Run’, the song “Six feet under” (taken from the album ‘Cherry red’) has been chosen by 20th Century Fox to be used on the soundtrack of the summer blockbuster ‘The Wolverine’. For more information visit

‘Electrify’ track lising:
01. Bite The Bullet
02. Devil May Care
03. Bad Boys, Bad Girls, Rock’n’Roll
04. Black Powder
05. Frontline
06. Never Get Down
07. Mr. Clean
08. Shady Katy
09. Travellin’ Man
10. Bad Reputation
11. Destination Nowhere
CD bonus tracks:
12. Lazy Daisy (live)
13. Never Kill The Chicken (live)
14. Rockstar

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