Sideburn To Start Recording New Album ‘Cherry Red’


February 14, 2008

After almost a year of composition in 2007, Swiss hard rockers Sideburn will finally start to record their brand new studio album “Cherry Red” next week.

As the band were really happy with the result of of their last CD “Gasoline” and as they didn’t want to change a winning team, Sideburn will again collaborate with their good friends Juerg Neageli, Serge Christen & Christoph Stickel. Samples from the band’s previous albums can be heard at

“Chery Red” album info:
Producer: Juerg Naegeli & Sideburn

Recording Studios:
– Drumtracks – Mazzive Sound (Biel) – Engineer: Serge Christen
– Guitar, Bass, extras – Side Studio (Yverdon) – Engineer: Fred Gudit & Michel Demierre
– Lead & Backing Vocals – Pink, Bild & Ton (Zuchwil) – Engineer: Juerg Neageli

Mixing: Serge Christen at Mazzive Sound Studio – Biel
Cover Design: Fabrice T.
Mastering: MSM Studio – Christoph Stickel

The release date will be on the 13th of September 2008.

You can also watch Sideburn’s first online video (100% live), for the song Slave To The Core below:

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