Sideburns release new studio album ‘Too Loud’

Sideburns release new studio album ‘Too Loud’

German rockers Sideburns consisting of frontman Ralf Sideburn, bassist Katja Baroness and drummer Ronny G Hämmer released their album Too Loud about two months ago.

Track List for Too Loud:
01. All Gone
02. Fine Lines
03. Whisky, Cigarettes And The Truth
04. Too Loud
05. From Here On
06. Mr. Sidebürn
07. Got Burned
08. Hit You Like A Tank
09. Rock ‘N’ Roll Apocalypse

Sideburns‘Making of’ Too Loud video:

SIDEBüRNS – Making off “Too Loud” Video

This is the Making Of Video for our “Too Loud” Video, filmed & edited in 2019 by Gert Lange – what a great day with the Holzländer MC at their awesome Club H…

Sideburns‘ “Too Loud” video:

SIDEBüRNS | Too Loud (Official Music Video)

Official video for the first Single of SIDEBüRNS album “Too Loud!” Video: Gert LangeGet the full album here: ► Amazon:ürns_tooloud_amazon…