Silent Rage Singer Shares His Insights On New Album


July 30, 2008

Jesse Damon of SILENT RAGE sent his insights about the songs included on the band’s current album “Four Letter Word” released on July 7th on Frontiers Records

1. YOU COULD BE THE ONE – Melodic hard rock track with an up tempo beat through out entire song. Big chorus harmonies and screaming solo reminiscent of Y&T and Night Ranger, the lyrics talk about not giving up and believing in oneself.

2. FOUR LETTER WORD – Melodic hard rocking track with an alluring verse and a very addictive chorus. The song blends a feel of Def Leppard, AC/DC & Bon Jovi. This song sends the message of not wanting to get burned again in another love relationship!

3. MAN OR MACHINE – Heavy hard rocking track with a darker melodic style. Powerful guitars and feel of KISS & Power Man 5000. The songs lyrics talk about the struggles between humanity vs technology!

4. FEEL MY LOVE – Another melodic rock song with it’s catchy arrangement and melody line ala Foreigner, Whitesnake it features a melodic 3-par t harmony chorus that delivers big time. This song is about finally meeting the woman of your dreams and sharing all your pleasures!

5. CLOSE YOUR EYE’S – Melodic power rock ballad with acoustic guitar verse, and an explosive chorus, along with emotional Bon Jovi – esque lead vocal and a blazing guitar solo, makes this standout song a key fit for a soundtrack placement. This song is about two strangers who find each other on a cold and lonely night!

6. SINISTER MAN – Melodic hard rock track with a heavier feel of raw guitars and gritty vocals, sounds somewhere between the Scorpions, Metallica, & Alice Cooper, with an eerie verse and a strong powerful chorus delivery. This song tells the story about a man who lives his life the way he chooses, good and bad!

7. HARD HABIT TO BREAK – Melodic rock track that blast you from the beginning with a sax laden melodic riff reminiscent of Foreigne r’s “Urgent,” that sets up moody sung verses with big harmony choruses. This tracks lyric has a tantalizing allure effect.

8. NOBODY KNOWS (BALLAD OF ANDY & GLORY) – Melodic hard rocker with a straight ahead powerful feel ala Dokken & Judas Priest has this track rocking up a storm. The lyrics tell a true story about a menacing killer that takes the life of two friends, and ends in a tragedy!

9. BONA FIDE – Melodic hard rocker in the vein of the Scorpions, this track has a powerful punch and is perfect for live performance. Here’s a song with a lyrical message of man’s oldest primal crave, lust!

11. I’M NOT LONELY – A powerful melodic rock track with a slower tempo verse and choruses, the songs climactic finish kicks into double time tempo with an arena style blazing ending. The songs lyric’s cover the message of a relationship gone wrong and how one moves on!&nbs p;

12. TROUBLE – A fast tempo hard rock track complete with duelling lead vocals, big chant chorus back-ups, and guitars for days. The drums are like a finely tuned machine with the strength of a hurricane. This songs lyric is about the ultimate rebel, and how he lives his life!

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