Simon Daniels unveils video for new single “The Outcome”

Simon Daniels unveils video for new single “The Outcome”

Simon Daniels, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist, has unveiled his latest single accompanied by a visually captivating music video, skillfully directed by Paul Gervasi. This release marks Simon‘s third single in a series of recent musical endeavors. In a recent interview, I had the opportunity to discuss the inspiration behind the song and video with Simon. He shared, “The song is about being mistreated by your lover, acknowledging it fully, but not able to get away…. as if it was an addiction”.

The chorus of the song resonates with poignant lyrics that vividly illustrate the tumultuous emotional experience: “

“You spin my head around you eat me up and spit me out,
You rip my insides out, you pick me up, then beat me down.
Nothing I do or say, can we change the outcome now
Nothing I do or say, can really change the outcome now
My mind is in bondage and my soul breaking down, and you take advantage
You say that you’re sorry as you toss me around and I still believe at all”

Simon Daniels‘ “The Outcome” video:

Simon also revealed that he has released two digital albums on BandCamp, each offering a distinct musical experience. One album showcases his rock ‘n’ roll prowess, while the other explores a fusion of acoustic and electric pop elements. Simon has strategically alternated the release of singles from each album. “The Outcome,” the latest single, originates from his rock ‘n’ roll album, while the preceding single, “Déjà Vu,” hails from the acoustic/electric pop EP.

It’s worth noting that Simon‘s approach to his music is anything but conventional. Simultaneously releasing a full studio album of rock ‘n’ roll solos and a digital pop EP featuring acoustic and electric compositions is a testament to his artistic versatility. This latest single and accompanying video signify his ongoing creative output from both projects.

Simon‘s unwavering dedication to his craft is admirable. With a musical journey spanning several decades, he has established himself as a prolific songwriter and recording artist. Music is more than a mere pastime for Simon — it is his life’s passion. This devotion is palpable in his live performances, which resonate with a genuine love for his craft. Furthermore, Simon‘s artistic vision extends beyond his vocal talents, as he single-handedly wrote and performed all instruments on both the album and the EP. Many of these recordings took place at MT Studio, owned by the esteemed producer and engineer Matt Thorne, who is currently collaborating with Stephen Pearcy. In fact, Matt‘s expertise is so highly regarded that Warren DeMartini recently sought his recording advice.

Simon Daniels‘ latest release showcases his profound musical depth and unwavering commitment to his artistry. As he continues to explore new creative avenues, it is evident that his passion for music knows no bounds.

You can check BOTH the full album and the EP out on Simon‘s BandCamp page, FREE!  You can buy individual songs or the full album and EP there, as well.  Also, follow Simon Daniels on Spotify!

Simon Daniels‘ “Still Together” video:

Simon Daniels‘ “Deja Vu” video: