Singer David Reece states that he was technically fired from Bonfire

Singer David Reece states that he was technically fired from Bonfire

Former Accept, Bangalore Choir, Gypsy Rose, Tango Down and Bonfire, and current Sainted Sinners lead vocalist David Reece was recently interviewed by Russia’s Good Times Rock and spoke of his time in Bonfire.

Reece was asked to start the interview from the point when he left Bonfire and he stated: “The chain of events that happened over three months of my time with Bonfire was exactly why I left the band. The communication with Hans Ziller was terrible after when they hired Willie Wrede to manage the band. I know he did bad things to artists that I know in Europe – stole their money, a bad management. I can’t bring this person into my life so I said: “No, no, no, no, no! I will not work with this person”. And from that moment the relationship with Hans… Well, basically he told me “Fuck you, I’ll get a new singer and keep the manager”. So the situation was terrible. Those 6 months was the worst experience in my life. I mean I had a great time before that, we were in a good relationship, we did a lot of shows and wrote some great albums. But it showed me true colors of Hans Ziller and he’s not somebody that I would ever want to speak in my life to be honest.”

With respect to how Sainted Sinners came to be, Reece advised (with slight edits): “When technically Bonfire fired me, about two months later Frank’s [Pane] wife was doing some work in Southern Italy and Frank called me and asked me if he can come to see me and he felt very bad about the situation and he wanted to talk to me about writing songs. So we sat on my kitchen’s table, drank some beers and talked about how we missed each other and he said, “To be honest you are in my Top 5 singers and I don’t wanna lose you. Would you be interested in doing a project with me?” He played me some songs, the first song was “Truth is a Lie” and I said, “Turn on your iPhone I’ve got melody for that” and sang that melody (chuckles). From that moment we agreed to do Sainted Sinners. It was basically Frank’s concept of the band and it was a kind of secret that he kept from Bonfire.”

In terms of whether it was a problem for Reece‘s Sainted Sinners bandmate Frank Pane to continue playing with Bonfire, Reece advised: “At first Hans treated Frank as if he worked with me he needed to quit Bonfire but Frank said, “Ok, bye-bye”. And they didn’t want to lose another person which could make Bonfire dead so they shut up. He is like “I have no problem with David, David has no problem with me” so they really had no choice and I admire Frank for that. It took a lot of balls because with Bonfire, Frank plays a lot of shows and for him this is a good paycheck but his integrity was stronger than the money. He said, “Ok, fire me” and they said, “Oh, no, no, no, we are sorry, everything is Ok”. It’s typical Hans Ziller. I mean music is art. If you don’t like somebody and blah-blah-blah… It’s really about the songs but at first I have to be with people that I really like to be with. We are friends with Frank, we respect each other musically.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Reece at Good Times Rock.

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