Singer Gary Moat reveals how he came up with the band name Burnt Out Wreck

Singer Gary Moat reveals how he came up with the band name Burnt Out Wreck

Burnt Out Wreck frontman Gary Moat was recently interviewed by Mark Michaels for The Cosmick View. After many years serving as the drummer for Heavy Pettin’, Moat started the band Burnt Out Wreck where he serves as the lead vocalist. Burnt Out Wreck have released two albums to date — Swallow (2017) and This is Hell (2019).

Moat was asked whether the band name Burnt Out Wreck had any personal significance to which he replied (with slight edits): “[Laughs] …I look in the mirror. I did feet like shit! I Googled it and hey there’s my name!”

In terms of the album This Is Hell going “full throttle” compared to its predecessor Swallow, Moat indicated: “Definitely! I went to town on it really, couldn’t help myself… it just comes out of me from, I don’t know where. Steve Rispin did a wonderful job on the production…we knew we had to make it kick ass!”

With respect to what he sees as rock’s redeeming quality that keeps bringing fans back for another listen, Moat opined: “Yes, but its melody…you can sing the songs not grunt them. I like rock that makes me want to party you know?”

You can read the rest of the interview with Gary Moat at The Cosmick View‘s website.

Burnt Out Wreck‘s “Swallow” lyric video (from Swallow album):

‘Swallow’ by Burnt Out Wreck

Heavy Pettin’ drummer Gary Moat’s new single Swallow… by his new band Burnt Out Wreck.Gary Moat vocals rhythm guitarAdrian Dunn lead guitar / backing vocal…