Singer Leon Harrison indicates The Lazys will get back out there when things progress Covid wise

Singer Leon Harrison indicates The Lazys will get back out there when things progress Covid wise

Great news for The Lazys fans as singer Leon Harrison has posted a message on Facebook earlier today reassuring everyone not to worry about his extended stay in Australia and that the band will get back out there again once the Covid situation progresses.

The Lazys band members decided to moved from Australia to Canada after getting “discovered” while playing three shows in 24 hours at the Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Ontario, Canada back in 2014. The group’s last studio album Tropical Hazards has received critical acclaim including finishing #1 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2018, #5 on the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top 20 Albums of 2018 and #2 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top 12 Albums of the Decade (2010-2019). Back in late 2019, The Lazys had started writing their new record with Billy Talent guitarist Ian D’Sa but since the Covid pandemic, the band, like many others, has been laying low publicly.

The following message was posted on Harrison‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“So I am getting continuous DM’s regarding the bands future and my presence in Australia and whether or not I’m coming back to Canada. So here goes.

After sacrificing any kind of ‘normal’ or ‘stable’ life/ existence for my international career for over 15 years, losing my marriage, dealing with depression, family isolation, addiction, anger management, continual break ups and anything else that decided to piss on my parade, in may 2021, I decided to come home to Australia and try to reconnect. I had been neglecting this for many unknown reasons to myself, my friends and my extremely concerned family. To the public, I ALWAYS wore a brave face, navigated my career, performed and toured (usually exhausted) and begun to live with very little meaningful connection aside of booze, parties and empty praise. I got agitated at times, made mistakes and also ruined many relationships. It was obvious, there was nothing that was ever going to fill this void if I didn’t re connect to my roots!

No one ever sees behind the scenes, behind the cameras, behind the party, but there are actually human beings dealing with the same shit ‘normal’ people face, but they have less support and very little human contact with ‘normal’ life. If you arnt following, just imagine a time in your life where you felt so helpless, so isolated, like nothing was making sense and no one was there to help. It’s fucked and we have ALL been there!

Right now, Sydney is experiencing the worst of the Pandemic since it began. Mass hysteria has thrown people into over drive and right now people are scared! I might add, this is absolutely normal and fair enough… The ‘free to air’ media whom drives this country to insanity won’t stop, the fear they instill won’t stop and for this, the country is at breaking point. There is no way in, and no way out right now!

The Lazys have suffered and like ALL bands we are one of the hardest hit!!! The music industry as a whole was the first out and will be THE LAST back. To clear things up, if you think sitting down at a gig or driving a car into a show, or being socially distanced is progress, whist there is some truth to this, trust me on this THERE IS A FUCKING LONG WAY TO GO! See, ticket sales are a thing, bar sales are a thing and when capacities are cut into quarters, those bands, promoters, agents, managers and entire networks simply don’t get paid or can’t get paid what’s needed. Would you work for a third of your pay? Doubt it!

The Lazys will like everyone manifest and navigate their COVID journey and as things progress (which in my opinion) is farrrrrr more in-depth than ever thought, we will endeavour to get back out there and play our version of the greatest genre alive. Until then, I’m going to be making sure that the first half of this story never repeats itself, and in my opinion that’s called growing up and appreciating who you are and what you’re worth! I hope this clears some things up for people who are concerned. Sending lots of love to every single one of you ❤️

The Lazys‘ “Howling Woman” video (from The Lazys album):