Singer Michael Ross looking to release some Gypsy Rose material in 2018

Singer Michael Ross looking to release some Gypsy Rose material in 2018

Great news for Gypsy Rose fans as frontman Michael Ross is apparently planning on releasing some Gypsy Rose material and making some big announcements in 2018.

The following message was posted on Ross‘ Facebook page on December 7, 2017:

“This is a message of love and caring that someone has shown me for 33+ years…..WHITTNEY ANN BROCK….has been the most amazing friend for all those years of talking going g on Tour with my bands to being a open door for me to sleep always when I was young crazy and wild as were her amazing mom and dad Tom and Coleen…last night my girlfriend Norene and I met Whit in Detroit as she knew that I’m in a great place now with my life and she has saved 20 cassettes and 3 Dats of all my recordings from SHATTERED HEARTSECRET AFFAIR and GYPSY ROSE which I would of lost if not for her…Last night after dropping her off at her house it was very overwhelming to listen to all the songs Recorded in Studio….Live Recordings…..Board Tapes from sound man and demos Gypsy Rose had Recorded for a hopeful 2nd record for Gene Simmons and tho it wasn’t released it will be I’m very sure in 2018…..what I’m trying to say and want everyone to know is that…I love you Whit…without your love and friendship I’d be at times lost but because of you myself and Gypsy Rose look a whole lot better to be geared up for announcements in early 2018….thank you WHITTNEY ANN….your a special soul….love Michael……xo”

After releasing their debut album Prey on Simmons Records, Gypsy Rose kind of disappeared quickly. In a 2012 interview with Decibel Geek, Ross explained what happened: “Well yeah geesh this is like one of those “it could only be my luck” story. I mean we were doing great, I remember we were like number one in Salt Lake City, number one in Milwaukee, I was like calling up the radio stations thanking them for playing us and stuff. That was going great and Bob Buziak, back to this president of RCA had a contract dispute and quit and they brought in Joe Galante from Nashville. They brought him in and apparently he didn’t like I don’t want to say who, the president of our label. So we went from being number one, being in Billboard magazine, Hit Parader, Circus, Rolling Stone even reviewed the album and all the sudden it was gone. I mean it was GONE, I think the album had only been out for like eight weeks and Joe came in and Simmons Records was dropped. So that destroyed me for a few years, I can only realize it now looking back but that’s part of the reason I have had my struggles and fighting some demons that thank god I don’t have anymore but yeah it was a hard blow man.”

On whether the advent of grunge also played a part in Gypsy Rose‘s demise, Ross stated: “Well yeah that certainly is another reason, I mean after Simmons records was dropped Gene still wanted to manage me so he flew me out to LA and we worked on some stuff but yeah the whole music scene had changed because of Nirvana. So basically we were a year too late, if Prey had of been released a year earlier we would have gotten the second single out “Don’t Turn Your Back On Me Now” and who knows where we would have been right now but it is what it is, you know?”

In 2012, FnA Records released the Gypsy Rose album Poisoned By Love, which contained the long lost demos recorded for the second album. Ross stated: “Yeah, it’s wild you know, in this day and age the real “record deal” doesn’t really exist anymore. I mean very, very few and far between. I have to say Steve Lockett and his staff at FnA Records are fucking amazing and I am not just saying that. I had a couple of labels approach me but there was something about these guys and there approach really got me and I am so glad they did. I mean wait til you see the packaging on the new CD, They really hit it out of the park, its better than what RCA did with the Prey album.They let me do what I want musically and have also signed my solo CD as well, so I am really excited.”

You can read the rest of the 2012 interview with Ross at Decibel Geek.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Poisoned By Love: “As mentioned earlier, the only thing that hurts this album is the sound quality. If Gypsy Rose would have been given the opportunity to record some of these tracks with a professional producer back in the early ’90s they would have had another satisfying album on their hands. But it’s easy to look past the suspect quality that sometimes rears its ugly head on Poisoned By Love and concentrate on the songs themselves because there are only a couple stinkers on the entire album. Hopefully this disc results in a reunion of sorts, and even better yet… more music from these underrated Canadian rockers!”

Gypsy Rose‘s “Poisoned Love” video:

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