Singer Paul Christiana parts ways with Electric Radio Kings

Singer Paul Christiana parts ways with Electric Radio Kings

It’s always tough losing the voice of a band. Electric Radio Kings just announced yesterday that their lead vocalist Paul Christiana left the band two weeks ago.

Electric Radio Kings include former L.A. Guns guitarist Stacey Blades and released their debut album Purrr earlier this year.

The following message was posted on Electric Radio Kings‘ Facebook page yesterday:

“Hi guys we apologize to any of our Cali fans who were coming to The Viper Room show next week on September 13th. The club accidentally double booked that night which was kind of a blessing since Paul left the band 2 weeks ago. We are going to reschedule sometime around NAMM Weekend or the beginning of February. We are not skipping a beat and we’ll back on our feet at the end of the month. Thanks again for all your support gang.


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Electric Radio Kings‘ “Back To Black” video:

Electric Radio Kings – Back to Black

RL RECORDINGS/ MI5 RECORDINGS/ UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUPThis video was created by Electric Radio Kings to enhance the impact of the song originally written by Am…