Singer Richie Hevanz and drummer Hugo Bowman continuing on as Fragile Things

Singer Richie Hevanz and drummer Hugo Bowman continuing on as Fragile Things

Great news for fans of Fragile Things as the UK rockers will continue after all following their announcement back in February 2019 that the group was going on an indefinite hiatus. It has now been revealed that the band has essentially fractured into two parts with lead vocalist Richie Hevanz and drummer¬†Hugo “Wolfman” Bowman continuing as Fragile Things while guitarist Mark Hanlon and bassist¬†Steve Lathwell have started a new group called Haunted by Wolves.

The following message was posted by Bowman and Hevanz on Fragile Things‘ Facebook page earlier today:

“Hello all.

Hugo and Richie here.

2019 has been a strange year for everyone, and we’re all caught up in this hurricane of confusion. Let’s start by saying how fucking amazing you all are, for supporting us as a band up until this time, from day one in 2015, and even now when we’re on our hiatus. We want to keep in touch with you, and if you’re a member of our “Fan Club” then you’ll be seeing more of these posts. Hopefully….


Earlier this year, Fragile Things went on hiatus, following the departure of Mark and Steve. Our brothers have set up their new band Haunted By Wolves (Please check them out, and if you’re a drummer or singer, do let them know because they’re still on the hunt for awesome members!). They felt that their storyline in Fragile Things had ended, and over all this time apart, Mark, Steve, and I (Hugo) have had conversations about us joining forces in their new venture. I love these guys so much, but I did not feel that FT had had their time. I still don’t. I believe we have SO much to say, to sing, to perform and bring to all you amazing people who have followed us, bought our merch, come to shows, listened to our songs online or on CD.


This post I hope will serve as a bit of a clarification of where we are. Richie and I, Hugo, are continuing the Fragile Things story. We have been recording some new music and have been lucky enough to work with some AMAZING guest artists.. More on that soon, as well as our new line up. Mark and Steve left HUGE boots to fill, but we know that you are going to love our new members. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see what we mean.

There will be a single released soon, sadly not on November 1st as we’ve had some time constraints with the finalising of mixes/releasing delays. However, this new music is absolutely 100% totally fucking awesome, and we can’t wait for you to hear it. I want to tell you who will be guesting with us on the new song, playing the guitar, rocking out, and delivering their heart and soul with us on this journey.. Maybe if you beg us, we’ll tell you sooner. If not, you’ll find out… eventually.


Thank you SO SO SO much for reading this far, if any of you have actually seen this post. To see more like this, make sure you follow our Facebook page, our merch store, our Instagram, all the usual places.

Love to you all, and remember that after everything, after the time that has passed, and the absolute clusterfuck of a year we’ve all had, We’re Still Alive.

Fragile Things

Fragile Things‘ “Monster” video:

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