Singer Todd La Torre played drum parts on Queensrÿche’s new album as Scott Rockenfield not available

Singer Todd La Torre played drum parts on Queensrÿche’s new album as Scott Rockenfield not available

For the first time ever in Queensrÿche‘s history, drummer Scott Rockenfield will not be playing the drums on one of the band’s albums. Singer Todd La Torre was recently interviewed by Shred Shack on January 16, 2019 and spoke about who played drums on Queensrÿche‘s upcoming new studio album The Verdict, which will be released via Century Media Records on March 1, 2019.

La Torre advised (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“Yeah, I played the drums on this record. Our original drummer, Scott [Rockenfield], he had a baby back in 2017, and he took paternity leave, and he’s still kind of been on that leave of absence. So we just continued to keep writing and doing things as a full band, like we’ve always done. He just wasn’t available for this one. I think it all came together pretty seamlessly, actually, and we’re looking forward to the release of this record.”

La Torre‘s “Bio” on his website states: “La Torre got his first drum set at the age of seven. At age 10, his mother got him a classical guitar, and he started taking guitar lessons. When he was 13 years old, his father got him a drum kit, and since the age of 14, he was involved in the local Tampa, Florida music scene as a member of the Seminole High School band and as drummer with local rock bands, playing hundreds of shows. He would also play some shows as an electric guitarist. Performing his own songs was limited to two local shows, where he would sing and play guitar. At that time, he recorded his own songs, playing the guitars, drums, bass and vocals himself. La Torre has always considered the guitar to be more of a songwriting tool for him.

After graduation, La Torre made his living in the early 90’s as a full-time musician as drummer for several bands in the Tampa Bay club circuit, including in the towns of Bradenton and Sarasota. The bands played hard rock and heavy metal, but some would also cover music of pop rock acts such as Matchbox Twenty and Natalie Imbruglia. He has recorded an album with one of these bands.

La Torre liked singing, and although he would usually sing backing vocals, he wasn’t confident enough about his singing to be a lead vocalist. He would remain a drummer for 24 years… His singing career first began when he became the lead vocalist for Crimson Glory at age 35, and later for Queensrÿche.”

Interview with Todd La Torre by Shred Shack:

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