Sinner’s Gun Unleash “Back Off” Music Video

Sinner’s Gun Unleash “Back Off” Music Video

September 30, 2012

Finnish rockers Sinner’s Gin have released their first ever music video for the song “Back Off” from the recently released ‘The First Sip Of Sinner’s Gin’ EP.

Sinner’s Gin was formed in early 2011 when drummer Johnny Christer and guitarist Lany London started to play together again after Lany left their former band. Bassist Joey Alex, who had known Johnny and Lany for two years, joined in the band few weeks later.

Their visions and styles worked out so well that they started to write more own songs after jammin’ some Guns N’Roses and Hanoi Rocks covers. And so it took a couple months since J. Dee Nighte joined the band and made Sinner’s Gin a real band, which is now ready to rule the world.

In the summer 2012 Sinner’s Gin published their very first self-produced EP called ‘The First Sip Of Sinner’s Gin’. You can listen the whole six-track-EP at

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