Sister Announces New Guitarist


November 17, 2009

Swedish sleaze rockers Sister have announced a line-up change within the band.

Sister states, “After almost four years, We have decided to go separate ways with Dani.We had reached a point where we couldn’t work together as a band anymore and our friendship almost became suffering. Before that happend, we decided to do something about it.

It’s now official that we have hooked up with a new killer-guy called Lestat!

We have already played two gigswith Lestat on guitar, in Oslo and Stockholm and it just went great!Lestat fits perfectly in Sister in all ways and it feels like he has always been one of us.

The new lineup has been working hard the latest months, the songwriting is on top and we’re are working on several brand new songs to be released in 2010!

We wanna say goodluck in the future and thank you for those first four years to Dani.AND a big fucking welcome aboard to Lestat! And we hope that you out there gonna do the same!

You can find Lestat on our topfriends here on!”

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