Sister release video for “Endangered Species”

Sister release video for “Endangered Species”

Swedish rockers Sister, which includes Crashdïet guitarist and Sweet Creature frontman Martin Sweet, have released a video for their song “Endangered Species” from their new album Stand Up, Forward, March!, which was released back on November 25, 2016.

Track List for Stand Up, Forward, March!:
01. Destination Dust
02. Carved In Stone
03. Lost In Line
04. Trail Of Destruction
05. Carry On
06. Unbeliever
07. Let It Bleed
08. Liberation Song
09. Dead Man’s Dirt
10. Endangered Species
11. Piece Of Shame

Sister‘s “Endangered Species” video:

Sister “Endangered Species” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Endangered Species by Sister.Lyrics: Cari CrowMusic: Tim TweakBuy the full album “Stand Up, Forward, March!” today at:…