Sister replace Martin Sweet with ex-Dust Bowl Jokies member Freddan Hiitomaa on bass

Sister replace Martin Sweet with ex-Dust Bowl Jokies member Freddan Hiitomaa on bass

Swedish rockers Sister consisting of lead vocalist Jamie Anderson, drummer Cari Crow and guitarist Phil Armfelt are now joined by former Dust Bowl Jokies bassist Freddan Hiitomaa who replaces Martin Sweet (who is best known as the guitarist for Crashdïet).

Back in mid-July 2019, Dust Bowl Jokies announced that they were disbanding with their last show at the Hard Rock Hell Sleaze Festival in Sheffield, UK on August 31, 2019.

Photo by Max Sjödin

The following message was posted on Sister‘s Facebook page earlier today (with slight edits):

“Swedish hard rock/metal act Sister announces new collaboration with multi-layered PR, media and music company Flick Agency.

The Swedish hard rock/metal act Sister have during the last ten years released critically acclaimed albums and played multiple headlining shows all over Europe. While touring with other renowned bands within the metal & hard rock scene, such as U.D.O., Skid Row, Wednesday 13 and Hardcore Superstar, Sister have earned the reputation of being one of the best live acts throughout the genre.

Guided by the desire to constantly move forward and reach new dimensions, Sister‘s fourth full-length studio album will be released together with Stockholm based PR/Media/Music company Flick Agency, an innovative and modern partner that knows how to take on the 2020s music industry.

“After three studio albums on Metal Blade Records and some changes in the Sister lineup, we felt it was time to try something new”, the band explains.

Sister are greatly looking forward to getting the new release out there and will once again work together with producer Jona Tee (Stand Up, Forward, March! in 2016) who is excited to take on the upcoming album:

“I’m extremely happy to work with my friends in Sister again. This album will be heavy of, keeping the Sister-legacy intact.”

Regarding the band lineup.

Martin Sweet is no longer a part of Sister.

Band explains:

”We want to thank Martin for his years in the band, we made a great album and had a good run together. There are no hard feelings between us and the decision was mutual, simply because of lack of time.

For the next chapter we welcome Mr. Freddan Hiitomaa (ex-Dust Bowl Jokies) as a full member of the band. Since Freddan joined us on stage for the last gig of 2019, we have been working together on this upcoming release.

Freddan has quickly become a member of the family and his injection to this band has added fuel to the fire. The hunger and energy that’s now in the band is boiling and we’ve got a feeling that this new album will be the best one so far.

Stay tuned for upcoming release dates in a near future. Make sure to follow Sister on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news.

See you back on the road when the world is back to “normal”.. again.””

Sister‘s “Endangered Species” video (from Stand Up, Forward, March! album):