Sister Shotgun release new album ‘Fragments’

Sister Shotgun release new album ‘Fragments’

UK rockers Sister Shotgun consisting of lead vocalist Chloe Ozwell, guitarists Benji Tatlock and Niall Wills, bassist Tim Chambers and drummer Dave Harvey have just released their new studio album Fragments.

Track List for Fragments:
01. Sacred Heart
02. She Lives
03. From The Ashes
04. Fragments
05. Miss Fortune
06. For The Love of Hate
07. Kill The Lights
08. Silhouettes
09. Morning Iris
10. Scorn
Bonus Track:
11. No Hope

Pavement Entertainment‘s press release states in part:

“English rock band Sister Shotgun releases their debut album, Fragments, via Pavement Entertainment. The music is available for streaming and purchasing on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. This latest release from Sister Shotgun serves as a follow-up to their 2017 EP, Devour.

Frontwoman Chloe Ozwell shares, “This album was us growing up musically and me growing up as a lyricist. I allowed myself to open up about how I was really feeling at the time these songs were written.” Ozwell also expresses how helpful these songs have been for Sister Shotgun as a band. She notes, “They really served as therapy. I hope the overall message and themes within the album resonate with other people.”

Guitarist Niall Wills says, “This record isn’t written by your typical ‘female fronted band.’ It’s written in spite of that.” Compared to other female fronted bands, Wills believes Sister Shotgun has something special. In regard to the new album, he observes, “Fragments has the missing pieces of what comes from those bands and doesn’t follow the traditions of pop, punk, or symphonic. The album is intense… At the same time, It’s heavy, groovy, delicate, and diverse.”

In mid-March, Sister Shotgun premiered the music video for their single “Sacred Heart.” The video features an emotionally charged performance from the band and serves as an anthem to never lose hope, even with life’s greatest challenges.”

Sister Shotgun‘s “Sacred Heart” video:

Sister Shotgun – Sacred Heart

Official music video for Sister Shotgun ‘Sacred Heart’.Pre-order “FRAGMENTS” out 19th April –…