Sister Sin Cancel Black Label Society Tour Dates

Sister Sin Cancel Black Label Society Tour Dates

August 19, 2010

Swedish rockers Sister Sin have had to cancel their opening slot on Black Label Society’s tour.

In a statement the band said, “Sorry to inform everyone that the Black Label dates in September have been cancelled. They initially got re-routed so on 3 of the 5 shows we got pulled off, leaving only two remaining.We are in LA right now, having just finsihed th MSG tour, and are flying back to Sweden on Monday. To fly back just a couple of weeks later for two shows makes no sense what so ever financially.

We are working on coming back to do the next North American tour later this fall, more info soon. Thanks for understanding and for all your wonderful support!”

Sister Sin released their new video for the song “Sound Of The Underground” last week, the latest single from their recent Victory Records release ‘True Sound Of The Underground’. When discussing the band’s latest CD in a Sleaze Roxx interview — — vocalist Liv Sin stated, “On past records we have been more of a rock band, but on the new album I think we definitely got a lot heavier. You can hear a lot of Motley Crue on our last two albums, but on this one we went heavier. To me this is the sound that Sister Sin had been searching for on previous recordings but we didn’t achieve until True Sound Of The Underground.”

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