Sister Sin dedicate first verse of track “Fight Song” to ex-manager John Finberg and First Row Talent

Sister Sin dedicate first verse of track “Fight Song” to ex-manager John Finberg and First Row Talent

Swedish rockers Sister Sin consisting of lead vocalist Liv Jagrell, drummer Dave Sundberg, lead guitarist Jimmy Hitula, bassist Strandh and rhythm guitarist Fredrik Jordanius have released a third video for one of their songs (this time for “Fight Song” from their Now And Forever album released back in 2012) played during their Let’s Try This Again live stream in mid-June 2020.

The following message was posted on Sister Sin‘s Facebook page earlier today:


Fight Song. The track with the infamous opening line!

Fun trivia from the recording of “Now & Forever” :

Originally scheduled to be released in May of 2012 but got pushed back to November instead. Here’s why;

The band weren’t too happy with the mixes but Victory Records found them so awful they flat out refused to pay for the recording all together ? They opted they should get the Master files for free (!) from the producer and to be re-mixed by Cameron Webb. Our then retarded, moneysucking manager (John Finberg) didn’t exactly smoothe the situation making various threats left and right.

It all eventually worked out and Cameron re-mixed the album. Victory got pissed they had to pay after all and decided to leave out the producer’s name from the liner notes and album credits.

Btw: first verse of “Fight Song” is dedicated to John Finberg and First Row Talent ??”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Now And Forever: “If you want intense in-your-face hard rock and heavy metal look no further than Sister Sin‘s latest release Now And Forever. After two stellar full-length CDs, 2008’s Switchblade Serenades and 2010’s True Sound Of The Underground, I couldn’t wait to see whether Sister Sin could come up with a third masterpiece in a row.

True to form, Sister Sin does not disappoint delivering the goods for an impressive third time in a row. Now And Foreverkicks off with “End Of The Line” which has a nice build up before the song goes into overdrive and you are greeted with metal’s most intense female singer — Liv. Quite simply, you can feel the intensity and anger in Liv‘s voice from start to finish during the first song and single, as well as throughout the rest of the CD. With a great solo and cool video (check it out) you know that “End Of The Line” will be an excellent song live. The first few words in the next track “Fight Song” say it all: ‘Fuck You! Fuck them and fuck the world too’ — I love the intensity.”

Sister Sin‘s “Fight Song” video from their Let’s Try This Again live stream in mid-June 2020: