Sister Sin had interest from five record labels when they disbanded

Sister Sin had interest from five record labels when they disbanded

Former Sister Sin lead vocalist Liv Sin (also known as Liv Jagrell) was recently interviewed by Bobby Caughron of XS Rock.

Liv Sin will be releasing her first solo album Follow Me via Despotz Records on April 28, 2017. This comes after the surprise demise of Sister Sin when bassist Strandh and guitarist Jimmy Hiltula did not want to continue.

Liv Sin commented on the shock of Sister Sin breaking up and the missed opportunities in that regard as she stated: “When Sister Sin broke up, we had like five different labels that were interested in signing us. So that makes me sad to think that we could have done more with Sister Sin, but it is what it is.”

She also stated: “In the beginning after Sister Sin broke up, it took me a couple of months to really begin to start over and to see this as an opportunity. Because in the beginning, I was very sad about Sister Sin and I didn’t even know if I would go on in the music business. I mean you start to think, “I don’t want to start from zero”! So it took me a couple of months to just, like, get myself together. So when I got past that, I began to think about this more as an opportunity and I had to decide what type of music would I want to play and what direction would I want to take.”

In terms of how Liv Sin got involved with her current label Despotz Records, she advised: “We talked to them in Sister Sin quite a long time ago. They were interested in Sister Sin for their label. I remembered meeting with them when we were starting to make this record and I asked my manager to contact them since they were interested in Sister Sin from before. They answered right away and offered me a contract the same day. So far, I think they are doing a really great job. I’m very happy.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Liv Sin at XS Rock.

Liv Sin‘s “Let Me Out” video:

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