Sister Sin Unveil Video For “Sound Of The Underground”

Sister Sin Unveil Video For “Sound Of The Underground”

August 10, 2010

Swedish metal band Sister Sin have released a video for the song “Sound Of The Underground”, the latest single from their recent Victory Records release ‘True Sound Of The Underground’. When discussing the band’s latest CD in a Sleaze Roxx interview — — vocalist Liv Sin stated, “On past records we have been more of a rock band, but on the new album I think we definitely got a lot heavier. You can hear a lot of Motley Crue on our last two albums, but on this one we went heavier. To me this is the sound that Sister Sin had been searching for on previous recordings but we didn’t achieve until True Sound Of The Underground.”

In a recent posting the band states, “Checking in from Seattle here. The tour has been way above expectations so far and thanks to all of you Sister Sin fans coming out supporting the scene! We just released our new video, “Sound of the Underground”, on YouTube.

For our fans in Japan, “True Sound of the Underground” will be released September 22nd. If you swing by HMV you can place your pre-order and the first 50 copies are sent out with a highly limited T-Shirt!

There’s been shitloads of orders coming in from, unfortunately we won’t be able to ship until August 25th — very sorry for the inconvenience. You will recieve some bonus stuff though if you stick in there and wait!”

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