Sister Sin’s singer and drummer did not want to end the band

Sister Sin’s singer and drummer did not want to end the band

Back on November 7, 2015, Sister Sin made the shock announcement that they were suddenly calling it quits.

Sister Sin Strandh photoIt is no secret that Sister Sin‘s lead singer Liv Jagrell was surprised by how things turned out and that she wanted to continue. During an interview with Sleaze Roxx on November 24, 2015, Jagrell had indicated: “I will be back but I will not say anything more about the other members and to tell who wanted to continue to play and who did not want to play. But as for me, I am 100% sure that I will still be doing this. I just don’t know exactly how, what and where right now because this is very sudden and very just recent so I haven’t thought about that so much. I am still trying to understand that the band that I had for over ten years is not here anymore. I mean, it’s like a relationship. It’s like someone that you have been for that long. It takes time to think through and like just everything but I will be back in the music business for sure.”

Jagrell continued by stating: “It was pretty sudden I think. I can’t speak for everybody of course but for me, it was very sudden but I think that it has to be a lot of that… Since we released our first record in 2008 [Interviewer’s note: Liv does not consider ‘Dance Of The Wicked’ which was released in 2003 as an actual album], we have toured, released an album, toured, released an album, toured, released an album very much all the time and we never had any kind of break. We didn’t have any vacation or break. We would just get home from touring and then we started making new songs for the new record, we did the new record, and then we start to tour again. It’s been since 2008 so it’s kind of… It’s not a surprise that you get burnt out but still, it’s a bit of a surprise for me because maybe, like, I did not see it coming so much but I can understand when I look back.”

In a recent interview with East Texas Music Scene, Jagrell revealed that it was not only her that wanted to continue with the band when she stated: “…There are no hard feelings, but the parting wasn’t exactly mutual. Neither me nor [drummer] Dave [Sundberg] wanted to end the band. We totally understand that not everyone felt that way and you cant force people to play with you. So, it was probably for the best before something got infected cuz of people touring even if they were to burnt out from it. But yes, I will be more careful in the future. You will never last in this buis[si]ness if you burn yourself and others out.”

Jagrell‘s comments would imply that it was guitarist Jimmy Hiltula and bassist Strandh that were no longer willing to continue on as Sister Sin.

Nevertheless, Jagrell still keeps the door open for Sister Sin to come back since she stated to East Texas Music Scene: “We will see. It’s not impossible, but I’d say it will take awhile.”