Sisters Doll release video for single “Strutt”

Sisters Doll release video for single “Strutt”

Australian rockers Sisters Doll have just released the video for their latest single “Strutt” which comes off their 2017 sophomore album, All Dolled Up.

Hailing from the land down under, Sisters Doll are a trio of bothers who are heavily influenced by the likes of KISS, Mötley Crüe and Poison.

In review of the band’s All Dolled Up album, Sleaze Roxx stated: “Sisters Doll are a three piece from Australia, who also happen to be siblings. They play a very catchy, pop, anthem filled form of glam, which would not be out of place at all in the glam heyday of the early ’90s. Those that may or may not read my reviews know that I’m a huge fan of Tigertailz, especially the first two albums, and the latest from them — Blast. While a good album, it falls just a tad bit short in my overall expectations and so here is where my inner turmoil comes in. This CD is almost as good but not better than Tigertailz — good mind you, but real close. I hate saying that because I’m an ardent and loyal fan of the boys from Wales but this CD was just grabbing my attention a bit more….

Sisters Doll tread a safe ground musically (not necessarily a bad thing) so this is not dangerous “street” glam, although lyrically, they are a bit suggestive, at times. Like I mentioned above, some songs sound very Firehouse like, with the prime candidates  being “Johnny,” “Together As One” and “Young, Wild & Free” with its voicing and the guitar leads being thrown around the song. Others are straight from the Tigertailz school of thought such as “Strutt,” “Old Enough” and even the obligatory ballad “Hurricane” which is a cross between the two bands. A great, clean production makes all songs heard and a fun listen.”

Sisters Doll‘s “Strutt” video:

Sisters Doll – STRUTT

The latest music video clip by Sisters Doll, to “STRUTT” off our Debut Album “All Dolled Up.”Available on iTunes Now:…