Sisters Doll release video for track “Black Mirror”

Sisters Doll release video for track “Black Mirror”

Australian glam rockers Sisters Doll consisting of lead vocalist / guitarist Brennan Mileto, drummer Bryce Mileto and bassist Austin Mileto have released a video for their song “Black Mirror.”

Sisters Doll‘s “Biography” on their Facebook page indicates (with slight edits): “Sisters Doll is taking Australia by storm. Their melodic rock sound and on stage persona create an electrifying live performance. Hailing from a small town in Western Australia to sharing the stage alongside original KISS drummer Peter Criss in New York City is proof that dreams can come true.

Melbourne glam-rockers, Sisters Doll, will released their new single, “Black Mirror”, on Friday March 15 (2019) – the single’s title aptly a synonym for the reliance we have on technology, our phones, our computers, social media or the like, and its manipulation and the trepidation that comes from a generation constantly glued to “black mirrors”.

“Black Mirror” is the band’s newest material since 2017’s “All Dolled Up” – an album that was entirely crowd funded and one that sparked similarities to that of glam rockers, Tigertailz. called Sisters Doll’s anthem-like quality of songs “real close” to the UK stalwarts. described it as “glam that predates the Sunset Strip explosion of the late eighties”.

Where former songs were primarily written by one member of the band, “Black Mirror” breaks that norm becoming the first song the band wrote collectively. “Normally in the past when we write, one of us generally comes in with an idea and we go from there but with ‘Black Mirror’, we all constructed it together from melodies to drum’s and everything in between,” says drummer Bryce Mileto.

“I believe everyone is at their most vulnerable when they are looking into the black mirror,” says lead vocalist Brennan Mileto. “The concept is cool and so true and is a relevant title for our generation,” adds bassist Austin Mileto. “We believe our generation is so reliant on technology, which isn’t a bad thing, but I think if it keep’s going in the direction it is we will all be like zombies in the future. We love technology and social media but just feel it’s taking over the world.”

Where “All Dolled Up” left off, “Black Mirror” explores a slightly darker and heavier tone for the band but keeps to the foundations of the band that the doll army have come to love.

Sisters Doll are a trio of brothers of blood and of rock ‘n’ roll. They grew up 200 kilometers south of Perth in the small Western Australian mining town of Collie, yet this is a band that knows how to turn heads wherever they go and step up to any opportunity that comes their way having already electrified audiences on the opposite side of the planet, in New York City.

Sisters Doll, who relocated to Melbourne in 2014 to fulfill their rock ‘n’ roll ambitions, have a trademark melodic rock sound that rivals the best of them, and an on stage persona to boot. With over 600 shows under their belts and a career nine years strong, Sisters Doll are well in their prime.

Although having formed in February 2010, the band came to mainstream prominence in 2016 when they auditioned for Channel Nine‘s “Australia’s Got Talent”. Even before being crowned runners up on the global talent juggernaut, Sisters Doll had already toured with former KISS guitarist and crowd favourite, Bruce Kulick on his 2015 Australian tour – and again in 2017 – played Groovin’ The Moo Festival in 2013, released an album [2012’s “Welcome To The Dollhouse”] and supported Australian and International rock royalty the likes of Four By Fate, L.A. Guns, The Angels, Ross Wilson, The Badloves, Angry Anderson and Daryl Braithwaite. If that wasn’t enough, KISS’ original drummer, Peter Criss, invited the band to share his stage in Melbourne and New York City in 2017.

In 2018, the band once again graced Australian television screens being handpicked as judges on Channel Seven’s debut season of “All Together Now”.

Put Sisters Doll in front of an audience and that’s where these guys shine… the stage is where they command attention. “We leave everything on the stage every time we perform,” says Brennan. “We pride ourselves on putting on the best show we can no matter how big or small the audience is. We run a professional show and a high energy intense rock show that helps separate us from the rest of the bands in the scene. We want people to escape reality when they come and watch us, we want them to be worn out from having a good time and forget about all their life problems when they enter our world of the Dollhouse.”

Their mission to impress is certainly winning them a legion of fans from the public – the ‘doll army’ as their ardent and loyal fans are aptly called – and from critics alike. Silver Tiger Media describing how the band “absolutely slayed their set and set the bar way up aloft any who would dare follow” when reviewing their support set with L.A. Guns in Melbourne.

So why glam rock? “We really just wanted to do something different, we wanted to be unique for our generation,” said Bryce. “We wanted to be a band that put on a show and be a band that people remembered.”

In a household that was dominated with music the likes of staple glam rockers KISS, Mötley Crüe and Queen… to name a few, it’s easy to understand their natural progression in to a niche rock genre… but one thing is for certain, Sisters Doll are leading Australia’s glam rock and really bring the fun back in to rock ‘n’ roll! Don’t miss any opportunity to enter the Dollhouse!”

Sisters Doll‘s “Black Mirror” video:

Sisters Doll – Black Mirror

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