Sisters Doll unveil video for new single “Kiss Me”

Sisters Doll unveil video for new single “Kiss Me”

Australian rockers Sisters Doll consisting of Brennan Mileto (guitar, lead vocals), Bryce Mileto (drums, backing vocals) and Austin Mileto (lead guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals) have unveiled a video for their latest single “Kiss Me.”

Sisters Doll‘s “Kiss Me” video:

In a recent interview with Kris Peters for Australia’s Heavy, the three Sisters Doll brothers spoke about their new single.

Austin: “It’s kind of a bit more punk and pop influence…. That was not a choice. We wrote it and that’s the path it was taking. Musically, it’s kind of in that vein but has a super catchy chorus.”

Bryce: “It probably wasn’t our first choice going in with this song…. But the more we were working in the studio Ricky, our producer, said this would be a good one to go with. “Prisoner” (last single) is pretty heavy and in your face. This one still has the edge of that, but it’s a bit more pop/punk esque. A bit more radio friendly and a bit more…”

Austin: “A bit more of that touch to it…. Prisoner was so hard-hitting, so we thought… this is a hard-hitting song – it’s got that heavy, guitar driven riff…”

Bryce: “We thought we would try a different thing… And then the follow-up single to this one even is different again. It’s pretty cool. We thought we would show the different side of the band and how we can pump out… I guess we’re trying to steer away from that stereotypical thing where people think we’re a cover band or a throwback to the 80s, but we’re more trying to show our musical growth.”

You can listen to the interview with Sisters Doll via Heavy‘s website.