Sittin’ Pretty Reissue Debut With Bonus Tracks

Sittin’ Pretty Reissue Debut With Bonus Tracks

September 10, 2014

Sittin’ Pretty have teamed up with Demon Doll Records to reissue their 1988 cult classic self-titled album on CD for the first time. This reissue features the original ten song album, four bonus tracks never before released to the public and revamped artwork.

Sittin’ Pretty ruled New York and New Jersey with an iron first! Every show was a must see and a sellout, whether it was the world famous L’Amour’s in Brooklyn, The Limelight in Manhattan or Studio One in New Jersey — the “Rock N’ Roll Boys” consistently brought down the house. Their songs were spinning on W.S.O.U. radio (one of the biggest rock/metal stations in the Tri State area) and they even found themselves plastered on the pages of Hit Parader Magazine.

Sitton’ Pretty were the real deal and when you sink your teeth into “Lola’s Place”, “Sweet, Sweet Love”, “China Died” and “She’s Just A Kid” — you will agree they were on their way to stardom. After cutting their teeth with their first album, talks began to heat up between the band and Relativity Records until tragedy struck the band when lead singer Tommy Lee (no relation to the Motley Crue drummer of the same name) was killed in an automobile accident.

Demon Doll Records are proud to have been able to work with guitarist Joey Herr in putting this release together and it is dedicated to the fans and two fallen heroes, Tommy and bassist Naz — your music lives on forever and you will never be forgotten.

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