Sixgun Renegades release video for “My Way Or The Highway”

Sixgun Renegades release video for “My Way Or The Highway”

Finnish hard rockers Sixgun Renegades have released a video for their song “My Way Or The Highway” from debut full-length self-titled album, which was released via V.R. Label Finland on January 26, 2018.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Sixgun Renegades‘ debut self-titled full-length album:

“The sound on this nine track album is really good. The quality of production allows every instrument to stand out. Even if a band is solid, the tracks suffer if not recorded and produced properly. But the Sixgun album has been done right. To the album then.  Opening track — “Renegade” — rides like a Harley with no brakes. Niko’s vocals are a tad understated — he’s no Vince Neil –-but it works, since the guitars ultimately carry this track to its driving conclusion. “My Way Or The Highway” is Ratt-esque for any fan of their early output.  There is a bit of Skid Row or Guns N’ Roses involved with “Unbreakable”, some of which is offset by the odd bridge change, but overall, I like it….

I really like most of this first full-length effort from Sixgun Renegades. It’s polished, well produced and nicely executed. Maybe they need a tad more focus on what their core sound should be. Either way, this could be a band to watch.”

Sixgun Renegades‘ “My Way Or The Highway” video:

Sixgun Renegades – My Way Or The Highway (Official Music Video)

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