Sixteen unveil video for ballad “I Am Alone”

Sixteen unveil video for ballad “I Am Alone”

Mexican rockers Sixteen consisting of frontman Coyote McGrown, bassist Mikee Mora, guitarist Mr. Izz Navarro and drummer Jexx Mondragon have unveiled a video for their ballad “I Am Alone.”

Earlier this month, the group posted some information on each of its members via its Facebook page.

We met the band! Today we start with Mikee 🔥 ☦️
Age: 24
Height: 1.74
Favorite Movie: Fast & Furious 7
Favorite Band: Jon Bovi
Crush: Rudy Sarzo
Himno: Queen – On With The Show
Favorite Drink: Cahuamita
Favorite Beer: Heineken
Favorite Food: Taquito
Hobby: Learning History
Curious Dato: When you drink a lot, you talk in Mikesaurio (and no one understands him)

We met the band! We continue with Mr. Izz Navarro 🎩😈
Age: 23
Height: 1.70
Favorite Movie: Shrek
Favorite Band: Mötley Crüe
Crush: Walter Garden
Anthem: Coma – GNR
Favorite Drink: Vodka!
Favorite Beer: The One You Like To Invite Me
Favorite Food: Camnasta Tamquitos
Hobby: Cooking and Drawing
Curious Fact: I pinch my friends and ask them 15 guitar brands

Today it’s the baby of the band: Jexx Mondragon 😏🥵
Age: 24
Height: 1.70
Fav Movie: Nightmare On Elm Street (Tattooed by Freddy Krueger)
Favorite Band: Def Leppard
Crush: Tommy Lee
Anthem: Survivor – Popular Girl
Favorite Drink: Cahuamita
Favorite Beer: Victoria
Favorite Food: Pizza Without Pineapple
Hobby: Playing Video Games
Study: Systems Engineering
Fun fact: He likes to arrive 2 hours late

We ended up with Coyote, voice of the band 🐺⚡
Age: 25
Height: 1.81
Favorite Movie: The Lion King
Favorite Band: Dokken
Crush: Zakk Wilde
Anthem: Ozzy Osbourne – Mr. Tinkertrain
Favorite Drink: Rum 🏴 ☠️
Favorite Beer: Wychwood
Favorite Food: Camnasta Tamquitos
Hobby: Playing being a Pirate 🌊
Fun fact: Thesis is still not over

Sixteen‘s “I Am Alone” video: