Sixty-Nine Crash release 360º video for song “Wicked”

Sixty-Nine Crash release 360º video for song “Wicked”

Sixty-Nine Crash photoBrazilian hard rockers, Sixty-Nine Crash, have released a 360º for their song “Wicked” which they have dubbed unique.

Sixty-Nine Crash posted the following message on their Facebook account earlier today:

“…We’re very proud to release this video!! We’re not aware of other rock band has done a 360º clip. We have seen many 360º live videos, but maybe we are the first rock band with a clip like this!! It’s very important to us bringing some fresh air to rock n’ roll. We’re sure that is best way to continue what our heroes have started!”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Sixty-Nine Crash‘s debut album Louder!: “When I first heard the single “Louder” from Sixty-Nine Crash‘s debut album of the same name, three things stuck out right away. One, how good the Brazilian rockers’ music sounded; two, that the band had a great guitarist; and three, that they were very European sounding with singer Jay B. Roxx‘s distinctive, but slightly monotone, vocal delivery.”

– YouTube

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