Sixty-Nine Crash to work on new album in 2016

Sixty-Nine Crash to work on new album in 2016

Brazilian sleaze rockers, Sixty-Nine Crash, have posted a video of their live performance at the Calabouço Rock Bar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on January 9, 2016  of their song “Dead Inside” which can be found on their album Louder! released independently back on October 30, 2014 and re-released through Demon Doll Records with one bonus track in 2015.

Sixty-Nine Crash photoSleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Louder!: “After finally hearing the entire debut record from Sixty-Nine Crash, my initial impressions while listening to that first single [“Louder”] were pretty much confirmed and right on the money. The music on the album (which unfortunately is only available in digital format at present) sounds really good, and credit for that probably goes to go both producer Celo Oliveira and the Sixty-Nine Crash members of guitarist Davis Ramay, bassist Andy Carvalho and drummer Adriano Morais — who sound really tight. Interestingly, Morais is not officially part of the band and apparently more of a hired gun as [Jay B.] Roxx advised me that the band is a three piece, sort of like Sixx:A.M. Perhaps they should make Morais a permanent member because the music on Louder! sounds great and he seems to have great chemistry with the remaining band members. My first impressions of guitarist Ramay were also spot on — killer licks, scorching Roxx photosolos… can you say guitar God? This guy can play and his fantastic guitar chops are not limited to the first single “Louder” but prevalent throughout the entire record.”

Speaking exclusively with Sleaze Roxx, Sixty-Nine Crash‘s frontman Jay B. Roxx stated the following about the group’s plans for 2016: “Right now we’re planning more shows here in Rio and maybe Sao Paulo as well and probably in a few weeks, we’ll start writing new songs for the next album, because new ideas for songs are floating around our heads. This time, I think we’ll work on the new material more as a collaborative effort, since I wrote all the songs on Louder!

With respect to Sixty-Nine Crash‘s association with Demon Doll Records, Roxx stated: “It’s been really nice having Demon Doll Records working with us! We are proud to be among their best seller albums last year and we hope to do more business with them for the next album too!”

Finally, in regard to the group’s still vacant drummer position, Roxx advised: “I’m really thinking about it and we have a few names now, like the guy who played with us last weekend. He’s very talented and he’s been playing with me in several bands and projects. We’ll have news pretty soon about it.”

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