Sixx: A.M. Release “Lies Of The Beautiful People” Video

Sixx: A.M. Release “Lies Of The Beautiful People” Video

February 16, 2011

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has debuted the first single/video, for the song “Lies Of The Beautiful People”, from Sixx: A.M.’s upcoming album on his radio show Sixx Sense. The new Sixx: A.M. album ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’ is slated for release on May 3rd.

Nikki Sixx says, “Well, the book and album are finally done. They fit together like a nice little puzzle yet somehow feel like the pieces were cut out of flesh with a razorblade. What I find interesting is that as much as I want them to mirror each other, they both stand on their own. They influence each other as much as possible yet each is strong and independent, from the visual stimulation in the photography to the lyrical content in the songs. To say that this project has been overwhelming would be an understatement. But the one thing that keeps tugging at my curiosity is that if I find beauty in all these places that most deem “Freakish” and “Macabre” then why do I also, at times, seek out beauty in what society calls beautiful? Am I contradicting myself or am I able to actually look beneath the surface when others sometimes can’t? This is a good question.

Make no mistake when I refer to “The lies of beautiful people” I mean what I say but I am also saying look beneath the skin. I do not and will not attack the exterior of anybody but my intention is to pull back the veil on your internal truth. We need not worry if we are black, white, amputated, burned, maimed, a fashion model, or even have the face of Hollywood’s latest leading man. We are who we are… Either poisonous and evil or honest and willing. Willing to make a difference.

I haven’t led the life of a saint nor do I intend on it now. That’s not what this is about. There were some things that needed to be said. Unbeknownst to me, they would spread across both a book and an album. I imagine that Sixx:A.M. and the book both stand to take a few shots in the jaw, a few bricks in the face. I know, speaking for myself, James, and DJ, that we welcome the feedback. Maybe, just maybe, everybody will take a hard, cold, eye opening look under the hood, so to speak as we have… Here we go…

PS. This morning when I looked in the mirror and I saw my own reflection, I felt like I could see my past, my present and my future all in one glance. I wonder when other people look at me what do they see and wonder what they see when they look at their own lives. I hope this book and album will redefine how people look at not only me, themselves and most importantly others.”

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