Sixx: A.M. Streams Upcoming ‘7’ Album Online

Sixx: A.M. Streams Upcoming ‘7’ Album Online

December 5, 2011

Sixx: A.M., the band comprised of Motely Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Michael, are scheduled to release the acoustic album ‘7’ on December 13th via Eleven Seven Music. Until then, the seven song EP can be streamed online at

Regarding ‘7’ Nikki Sixx said, “The ‘7’ album is a proud adventure for us. It is not attached to any book, documentary or other projects. We are still struggling with the concept of touring, but lately it feels like we might be open to some version of a live event. What that is we don’t know…It needs to be unique like Sixx AM. If not we will make another record and then start the talks again. Radio has been overly supportive of our music, as has the fans. This is a passion project for James, DJ and myself.”

Continued vocalist James Michael through Facebook, “A couple of months ago I asked all of you what songs from ‘The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack’ and ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’ you would want to hear stripped down, pulled apart and reconstructed from a different perspective. Your response was amazing and passionate… as a result, ‘7’ was born. This was an incredible experience for the three of us because it caused us to explore way beyond the initial creations and rediscover the songs in a light that you helped us find. We are so excited to share this with you.”

‘7’ consists of reworkings of Sixx; A.M. tracks “Lies of the Beautiful People”, “This Is Gonna Hurt”, “Life Is Beautiful”, “Help Is on the Way”, “Sure Feels Right”, “Pray for Me” and “Accidents Can Happen”.

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