Skew Siskin Announces New Drummer


May 16, 2008

Randy Black is leaving Skew Siskin due to ongoing colliding schedules. As many of you know, he’s the drummer of Primal Fear and DuskMachine if you take a look at his MySpace page (recommended) you’ll understand straight away that it wouldn’t be possible for him to get all bands under one hat, especially around autumn. We therefore took Randy’s advice to look for a permanent drummer and agreed that this is the way it should go.

When Randy started to play with Skew Siskin in 2005, we thought that it wouldn’t last for more than a few months as he was committed to Primal Fear. Yet, three years have past during which we had a lot of great shows together and also recorded our current album “Peace Breaker” with him, where he definitely pushed the Skew Siskin drum skills to higher levels. Therefore, please give a special applause to Randy once more, and we say “A BIG THANK YOU!!”

Well, and here we go…!!

The new face behind the SKEW SISKIN drumkit listens to the name Sansi Janiba (another applause please). From now on, he’ll work the drum skins!!!

Sansi has been living in Berlin for a few years and brought chaos to the scene with a few bands. He’s the born Rock ‘n’ Roll drummer with voracity to wear away drum skins and drum sticks, which makes him a welcome guest in the local music stores. That’s the “problem” when you add Ramones to your favorite bands list.

You will hear more about Sansi in the near future. At the moment, we’re getting ready for the shows, spending every day in the rehearsal room, with Sansi adding a beast-like heavy power dose to drive our songs.

We celebrate Sansi’s ‘welcome to Skew Siskin’ in Spain, and he will be eye to eye with all our fans on the German Dates. Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll!!

View Sansi’s Myspace Page here.

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