Skew Siskin Continue Working On New CD


February 19, 2009

Skew Siskin vocalist Nina C. Alice has posted the followin message at

Our recording sessions are progressing in full gear. We had to push them back ten weeks due to Sansi having a severe muscle infection in his arm; he was forced to await 100% recovery before getting back onto playing the drums. Nevertheless, we didn’t let time slip away without doin’ anything and this is how we got to write many more songs. Looks like we now face twenty-six songs to pick from to make a great ten-track album.

Whilst recording, we had an invitation to join Der W (aka Stephan Weidner) on the road for the first leg of his debut solo tour starting in March. Not only will this be a welcome break from the studio, but it will keep my voice in great shape so I can resume recording straight after.

A lot of people have asked me if I am going to sing the duet “Bitte Toete Mich” with Stephan on the tour. Right now I can only say to wait a little more time. The tour is still a few weeks ahead of us and when time comes Stephan will know more about it.

Furthermore, we’ll also be the super secret opener on Der W’s “secret shows”, which aren’t so secret anymore…. 😉 We’re excited to introduce ourselves to Stephan’s fans, and everybody can expect one Hell of an outburst of hardcore Rock ‘n’ Roll. So please come right on time — we don’t wanna miss out on ya!

Skew Siskin has a new man on the bass: Gregor Avanius. Check in at MySpace and get to know him better: is now playing bass for Der W. It stays in the family, so to say.

And…last but not least:
It remains to be mentioned that I have joined Stephan Weidner on his next project, called ESCHENBACH. Out of Studio 23, where Stephan also produces for other acts to provide them a good start, you’ll get some hot tunes hurled at your ears sometime in the future … around May/June maybe, I would say looking into my crystal ball 😉 . (more Info:

Greetings from the studio, morsing to the outside world

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