Skid Row reunion possibility plummets as Bach states managers “were talking”

Skid Row reunion possibility plummets as Bach states managers “were talking”

Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach was recently interviewed by Vanyaland about his new book 18 And Life On Skid Row. At the same time, Bach was asked an obligatory question on a possible Skid Row reunion.

Vanyaland asked Bach whether he would rather be on great terms rather than five separate dressing rooms with his former Skid Row bandmates to which he replied: “I can’t answer that. All I can say is in recent days, when I said before that the managers [of Bach and Skid Row] “are talking,” I have to say now that the managers “were talking” [laughs]. I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah. It’s kind of actually… I don’t know really why, but it’s taken a turn in the other direction unfortunately. You can bust the bad news to everybody. I’m really so busy, that it’s beyond comprehension. I would love to do that, but if it doesn’t happen, I’ve got a lot of other things on my plate to tackle. So whatever happens, happens, but it’s not even up to me whatsoever at all — it has nothing to do with me — it’s just me [laughs].”

In terms of his book 18 And Life On Skid Row, Bach advised that the stories were old ones and that he harbored no ill will towards anyone when he stated: “… you know, this book is about a long time ago. A lot of the stories are decades old, I’m not mad at anybody… I’m not mad about getting doused in freezing cold ice milk on the Bon Jovi tour in 2016. These stories are old, and they’re all dated, they say when they happened, so it’s really from another time.”

Bach also advised that writing his new book 18 And Life On Skid Row had the following impact: “Well, it made me change my setlist. Writing about all these times made think about the records that came out; most notably the first Skid Row record. I’m always out on tour, so I was thinking about them songs and I’ve added songs into the set that I haven’t done in years like “Sweet Little Sister” and “Rattlesnake Shake” and “Quicksand Jesus,” “Breakin’ Down.” Writing about those albums and tours made me reminisce for those songs.”

You can read the rest f the interview with Bach at Vanyaland.