Skid Row Singer Johnny Solinger To Release Country Album


December 6, 2007

JOHNNY SOLINGER, lead singer for SKID ROW, and Texas chart topping label Smith Entertainment, have signed a deal to release a solo album of the singers’ own material that will draw more upon his Texas-born country influences like Hank Williams Sr. and Merle Haggard.

2008 sees SKID ROW lead singer Johnny Solinger pursuing something that’s been running through his veins his whole life…country music. On his latest solo material he proclaims…

“Aside from SKID ROW, I’ve been recording some country tunes as well (hell, I AM from Texas), and while it might seem odd to have such drastic tastes in music, it seems perfectly natural to me. I’m also excited about joining a team like Smith Entertainment, who’s roster includes Texas legends Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, and has also helped lead artists like Cross Canadian Ragweed, Pat Green, and Kevin Fowler to national acclaim.

When the Skids aren’t recording or touring I plan to be in a honkytonk somewhere dishin’ out my own brand of Texas country”

Teaming up with some of the greatest players Texas has to offer, guitarist David Grissom (Dixie Chicks, Storyville) bassist Tommy Shannon (Stevie Ray Vaughn Double Trouble) and many more…Johnny Solinger is sure to make a big noise in the country music scene in the years to come. Listen for the first single “Too Well To Go To Work” on Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana radio early in January 2008, and look for the self titled Johnny Solinger album in stores and on i-tunes by March.

“Too Well To Go To Work” has also been released as a single worldwide on i-tunes by Smith Entertainment and available here

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