Skid Row unveil new single “Time Bomb”

Skid Row unveil new single “Time Bomb”

Skid Row consisting of new lead vocalist Erik Grönwall, bassist Rachel Bolan, guitarists Dave “Snake” Sabo and Scotti Hill, and drummer Rob Hammersmith, have unveiled a third single titled “Time Bomb” from their upcoming studio album The Gang’s All Here, which will be available via earMusic on October 14, 2022. Skid Row have already released the title track and the song “Tear It Down.”

In an interview with Vinyl Writer Music. earlier this month, Bolan was asked what was his first introduction to Grönwall, which led the latter to join Skid Row. Bolan indicated:

Erik was in a band called H.E.A.T out of Sweden, and they were touring with Skid Row through Europe, in the U.K., I believe. I remember listening to him playing live, and I noticed; I was like, “Wow, this guy’s got a really cool voice.” I thought maybe we could hook up for a side project or something, and I left it at that. And then, when we decided we were going to make a change at singer for Skid Row, Erik was at the top of our list. Honestly, Erik was the list. [Laughs]. It was all very sudden, and we knew we wanted him, so I was like, “I’m gonna try and get in touch with him and see if he’s interested.”

As that was happening, I noticed that he put a cover of “18 and Life” on his YouTube channel, and he nailed it. And I knew a little bit about his background, like winning Idol in Sweden, in 2009, so I reached out to him, and I was like, “Hey, dude, I want to talk to you about a couple of things if you’re interested.” Well, he got right back to me – this is all through Instagram – so yay for social media. That’s probably the only time you will ever hear me say that. [Laughs]. Anyway, he got right back to me, we started talking, and things progressed quickly from there. It went from, “Can you fill in for a couple of dates,” to “Hey, try singing these songs that we’ve written and see what you think.” to “Do you want to be in Skid Row?”And this happened all within a matter of a couple of weeks.

Thankfully, Erik said “Yes,” and then we recorded the record with the guidance of Nick Raskulinecz, our producer. We were all over here in the U.S. with Nick, and Erik was in Sweden; he was recording the vocals for the album over there. He did most of the songs in Sweden except for two that he did when we were doing the residency with the Scorpions in Las Vegas. And man, everything was just so different than the way we normally do things, but it all worked out really well.”

Skid Row‘s “Time Bomb” single: