Skrou Release Second Video In Support Of Debut CD

Skrou Release Second Video In Support Of Debut CD

November 23, 2014

Canadian band Skrou have just released the second video from their self-titled debut record. After releasing a video for “A Place To Shake”, the band has chosen the song “Rock It Away” for their latest video release.

Regarding the new video Skrou frontman Sam Kirou told Sleaze Roxx, “We had great feedback from our first video release “A Place To Shake” and the crowds that showed up to be in the video. We chose “Rock It Away” as our second song [for a video] because we believe it’s a catchy tune and it’s a positive attitude kind of song. Our bassist, RC Ricci, came up with the theme for “Rock It Away” about showing some vices people have. And we just built on that but we wanted to portray it in a fun over the top way but not in a negative way.”

Skrou are one of the hardest working original independent bands, having played over 150 shows since forming in 2011 and over 40 shows alone in 2014, mostly concentrated in southern Ontario in Canada. The band focuses on delivering a modern rock sound with an ’80s feel to it. The band is comprised of lead vocalist Sam Kirou (whose name was used to derive the band’s moniker), guitarist John DeFino, bassist RC Ricci and drummer Eric Bonatti.

With respect to what the future holds for Skrou, Kirou advised Sleaze Roxx that, “In 2015, we are hoping to get on tour with some bigger bands and play more and get more exposure. We will release a new CD in the spring of 2015.”

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