Skull Fist unleash video for new single “Madman”

Skull Fist unleash video for new single “Madman”

Canadian heavy metal rockers Skull Fist consisting of frontman Zach Slaughter (also known as Zach Schottler), bassist Casey Slade and drummer JJ Tartaglia (Thunderor) have unleashed a video for their new single “Madman” from their latest studio album Paid In Full, which was released via Atomic Fire Records on April 22, 2022.

Track List for Paid In Full:
01. Paid In Full
02. Long Live The Fist
03. Crush Kill Destroy
04. Blackout
05. Madman
06. For The Last Time
07. Heavier Than Metal
08. Warrior of The North

Schottler was recently interviewed by Matt Coe for Dead Rhetoric who asked the singer to comment on guitarist Johnny Exciter (also known as Johnny Nesta) leaving the band last summer after ten years, and whether Skull Fist would be getting another guitarist to replace him. Schottler indicated:

“When we were in the studio recording the record, it was pretty apparent that me and Johnny – we are still really good friends of course, we’ve known each other since we were like 18 or 19 – but you get older and your priorities change. I was going very much in one direction, and he was going in another direction. It was so obvious when we were recording, I told him I love him but musically we totally did not want the same things. Of course, we both understood, we are still buddies, but we don’t have to play in a band together anymore. It wasn’t nowhere near dramatic or anything like that – it was a natural thing that was going to happen. It had been something we both knew for a long time before it actually happened.

I have to get somebody else for sure. Everything that we write and play is for two guitarists. I am not good enough to just do this with one guitar, I’ve never been into hearing or seeing a band that has multiple guitars on a record and then when you see them live, its much less stuff going on there. You need the harmonies and all that stuff going on there. I have a dude that is most likely going to do it, we just have to go on tour with him. The hardest part about it – we have known everybody in the band, and it would be so weird to bring in somebody that we just met, you know? It would be awkward bringing somebody into the band that’s just brand new and we didn’t know them. Luckily, we found somebody in Toronto that we have known for 10 plus years. We want to bring him on tour and make sure that he doesn’t hate touring (laughs).

People always say that – they can’t wait to go on tour. And then when they do, they sometimes find that this kind of sucks.”

Skull Fist‘s “Madman” video: