Skull Fist’s band founder Zach Slaughter rejoins group

Skull Fist’s band founder Zach Slaughter rejoins group

Great news for Skull Fist fans. The heavy metal group had announced via Facebook on June 30, 2015 that group founder Zach Slaughter was leaving the band for “personal reasons.” The fateful Facebook message, which has been removed from Skull Fist‘s Facebook message reportedly stated: “ATTENTION. We’re really sorry to tell everyone this but Zach has decided to leave Skull Fist for personal reasons. The 3rd album will still be released early 2016 and to clarify, with all 4 members. For the time being, the band will be on hiatus. Until then, hang tight.”

However, three months later, Skull Fist just posted the following Facebook message earlier today: “Guess who’s been muscled back into the band? “After a few months of being a loser I realized Skull Fist is my baby and in the 21st century it’s no longer acceptable to abandon your baby, you must embrace that cute little thing with all the love you can muster up or fake. I guess I just needed a break as the boys kept trying to tell me! anyways, you can all stop bugging the shit out of us on the topic, It was not for “hype” it was not for drama, it was not for marriage. I simply hit the panic button too soon I guess. I am literally going to pretend that none of this ever happened so if you happen to question me on the subject and I look confused you will know the frontal lobotomy worked 😉 “- Love Slaughterman5000.”

The group also provided an update in the same Facebook message: “The Fistians are currently working on the next album and we will keep posting random stuff in the form of updates yo.”

Skull Fist was founded in 2006 by guitarist/singer Zach Slaughter in Toronto, Canada. The band released a two-song demo in 2006 titled No False Metal which included the tracks “Ride The Beast” and “No False Metal.” The band saw many line-up changes from 2006 to 2010 which left Slaughter as the sole consistent member until he left the band on June 30, 2015. Skull Fist released released the Heavier Than Metal EP with Slaughter, Alison Thunderland on drums and Sir Shred on second guitar in 2010 to a very positive review in the metal community. The group was signed shortly after to Noise Art Records. In support of the EP, the band completed two tours across Canada, played the “Metal Assault” Festival in Europe, completed a tour in January 2011 through Europe, played the “Afterwards Up The Hammers” Festival in Greece and did a tour with Bullet and Enforcer in April 2011. Alison and Shred then left the band due to personal conflicts.

The band’s lineup was unstable but since 2011 has featured Slaughter, guitarist Jonny Nesta and bassist Casey Slade. This line-up has featured on both of the band’s studio albums, namely 2011’s Head Of The Pack album and 2014’s Chasing The Dream record.

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