Slash “By The Sword” Single Released To Radio

Slash “By The Sword” Single Released To Radio

March 8, 2010

Slash, who is releasing his self-titled solo album in the US on April 6th, has issued the following statement.

“Hello out there, a little long between updates I know, but I’ve been busy with promo, rehearsal etc. But all is well, I just had a great little trip to Europe doing press, everybody was great. It was very productive all in all.

Its my pleasure to mention that I have finally regained control of my website from my old merch company, as I am no longer working with them. That means will be active again ASAP.

Tour dates are coming together. I will have Europe, Japan & Australia dates to announce by next week. South America, Mexico & US dates will soon follow.

I’ll announce the touring band next week as well. Its going to be a pretty fucking cool band to say the least.

The new “Slash model” Les Paul comes out April 1st in the USA & Custom Shop limited edition models. The Epiphone version hits the stores August 1st.

The Marshall AFD is in development & coming along fantastically. We’ll keep you in the loop at This is definitely one hell of a Marshall!

The 1st single from my solo record, “By the Sword” featuring Andrew Stockdale is out, so hit up your local radio station & get them to play it. Use what ever means of coercion possible!

That’s it for now but I will have all the show updates & band details coming your way this week.”

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