Slash Considered Using Axl Rose On Solo Album

Slash Considered Using Axl Rose On Solo Album

September 27, 2010

Slash considered ending his longrunning feud with former Guns n’ Roses bandmate Axl Rose during the making of his solo album – because he was desperate for the singer to join him in the studio.

The guitarist quit the legendary band in the 1990s after a famous falling out with Rose and hasn’t spoken to his former friend in years.

But Slash admits that while he was recruiting singers to lend vocals to tracks on his recent self-titled solo record, he thought about asking Rose to help.

He tells Classic Rock Revisited, “When I was in the middle of this process there were a lot of singers’ names who flew through my mind during the process. You are living in ‘Singer Land’ so all you are thinking about is singers. The thought of him crossed my mind at one point. I thought, ‘Axl could sing the shit out of any of these songs’.”

But Slash “never made the call” and jokingly cites Gun N’ Roses’ long-gestating album Chinese Democracy, which took more than a decade to make, as his reasoning.

He adds, “I wanted to put the record out in this millennium.”

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