Slash Has A Major Soft Spot For UK Fans


March 27, 2008

Slash has revealed that he has a major soft spot for his UK fans.

The Velvet Revolver axeman says his link with British audiences goes back to his Guns N’ Roses days, and that their recent gigs were the “best tour since the record came out”.

And the rock guitarist dispels any myths about UK fans being more reserved when they watch live music.

“No, they’re f*****g great,” he said. “If you’ve got a fanbase in Britain, that’s the wildest crowd you can play for, and they don’t miss anything, they see everything.”

Talking about the early days, Slash revealed: “Ever since back in 1987, when Guns N’ Roses first came here, we played three shows at the Marquee. That really meant a lot to me, to have those shows go over so well.

“A lot of bands who came over from the States during that Hair Metal period in the 80s, they all were pretty much shunned by Britain at large. We came over, and it went over really well. I was really pleased with that, partly because I’m from here, and even more importantly because that is the toughest audience.

“The UK audience doesn’t f*** around, they like you, or they don’t like you, there’s no changing of minds. Ever since then, the UK tours have always meant most to me. The best audiences are in the UK, and it’s where I like to hang out generally.”

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