Slash One On One With Eddie Trunk


April 30, 2008

“MSG, NY” ‘s Eddie Trunk sat down for an exclusive interview with Slash to talk about everything from Scott Weiland’s departure from Velvet Revolver to the future of Guns N’ Roses.

A few highlights:

Velvet Revolver will continue. They are in the early stages of looking for a new singer. He wants someone who is a pro, but with no baggage. He agrees with me that VR could have made better records and said that due to inner band issues some of the best material written never made the CDs. He said they knew Weiland was done prior to the European dates and had made the decision to replace him before he even knew it. The core of the band remains together and commited to making a great album and will continue. He acknowledged the scary similarities between Axl and Weiland and how things unraveled, and said he was much more willing to hang in there with Guns but would not tolerate it again with Scott.

He understands how people hope for a G&R classic lineup reunion, but says it is very unlikely at any point in the near future. He said that there are issues on his end with Axl and issues from Axl’s end with him. He feels Axl’s issues with him will be harder to resolve than his issues with Axl. Essentially Slash said one of his biggest problem with ever working with Axl again would be Axl being prefessional and playing on time and showing up for things. He said he could never be in a situation where union overtime and late starts are always an issue, and noted that from what he has seen that has not changed with Axl. He did say he would never say never, but it is not likely and clearly both parties have moved on.

Check out what the legendary guitarist had to say right here:

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