Slash Performs National Anthem At Hockey Game

Slash Performs National Anthem At Hockey Game

October 13, 2010

Award winning guitarist Slash performed the National Anthem at the L.A. Kings hockey game on October 12th. Video of the performance can be viewed below:

In related news, Slash recently posted that Velvet Revolver is “back together jamming, trying out new singers.” He went on to say, “it’s great to hook up with Duff, Matt & Dave after all this time. I’ll keep you posted on any interesting developments from those sessions as they happen. The creative juices are definitely flowing. I’m positive something awesome is going to surface soon.

I’ll also be out promoting the “Slash” Deluxe Edition. We’ve put together a really cool box set of the original 14 song album, plus bonus studio, live & acoustic tracks. There are a couple demos in there, videos, live footage, interviews with the different artists & more. I’ll be popping up here, there & wherever, talking about that etc. I’m also working on killer new material for a future solo (or not) release. The details of which will be coming down the road as well.”

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