Slash Premiering 3-D Version Of ‘By The Sword’ Video

Slash Premiering 3-D Version Of ‘By The Sword’ Video

September 3, 2010

Dan Reilly of reports: Ever the innovator, Slash is going where few rockers have ever gone before in support of his self-titled debut solo album. On top of rocking out with Fergie at last week’s Sunset Strip Music Festival, the guitarist is now releasing a new 3-D version of his video for ‘By the Sword,’ which features Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the video features Slash, Stockdale and company rocking out in a subterranean venue (and yes, even after much of civilization is wiped out, there are still hot rocker chicks). The clip was originally released months ago and is getting a new treatment thanks to PassmoreLab.

“We’re applying 3-D to it after the fact,” Slash tells Spinner. “It’s actually the perfect video for it because it’s got a lot of depth shots and shots where everything stops, freezes and stuff is moving around it, so the 3-D of that will look cool.”

According to Gibson, the 3-D video will have its US premiere at the 3-D Entertainment and Technology Festival, which will be held in New York’s Times Square Sept. 24-26. It will also be shown on different networks around the globe and at the Hard Rock Cafes in Barcelona and Madrid. Check out the original ‘By the Sword’ video below.

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